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Ajay Appaden at Electronic City
on Nov 14 2019

While riding home from work today, the 14th of November, a blue Ford Punto with the registered KA 1MK 5709 suddenly swerved to the left driving me of the road. In full disclosure, I was just beside his rear bumper on the left side. My bike went into the ground and I barely managed to prevent myself from going down with it. I essentially had to jump off the bike and I did land on my feet with the bike flipping and the saddle hitting me from behind before the bike went down. I got up and got back onto my bike and in that rage, biked to reach the driver's side window of the guy who was driving the car. I asked him what the hell was wrong with him. He rolled down his window and I asked him again what the hell was wrong with him and told him that he nearly hit me just now, to which he instantly starting hurling curses at me and telling me that he didn't have eyes at the back of his head to see me from behind. He said that I didn't know how to ride and that the law states that I should overtake him only from the right, now, he does have a point, but that doesn't mean you don't even bother to look at what is happening on the left side of your car, does it? I asked if he didn't have a rear view mirror on the left side and if he did, if he didn't know how to use it. He started cursing even more to which I responded with curses of my own as I had lost my cool at this time. He had stopped his car in the middle of the road now and I had gotten off my bike and we were yelling at each other in the middle of the road. I was so tempted to use my pepper spray, that I carry for self defence, on him, but quickly realised that it would be completely unethical to do so as this mere excuse for a human being posed no threat to me in a stationary car. I also quickly realised that I was indeed causing a nuisance to other commuters on the road because this guy's car was blocking traffic, and I wasn't getting any younger with this pointless exchange with him. I leaned forward, looked at his license plate, memorised the number and took off as he kept screaming at me from behind. I later realised that my cassette is damaged and the chain is slipping quite a bit now. I'm curious, is there any legal way to approach this person for what he did and to try to sensitise people into not throwing blame as you're knee jerk reaction? It is ok to apologise, y'know? Is there any legal recourse for us bikers in a situation like this?

Kriti at Wardha
on Aug 02 2019

Was hit by a speeding cab near Bethany school crossing, Ganesh Temple road, Kormangala in late evening. I was riding towards the 6th block from 8th block, I was easily visible yet hit by the cab. Later Picked up my bike and went home. The cab driver didn't show any concern. I had got few injuries. Similar incident I faced again on the same road when I was waiting to cross the road and a cab driver hit my bike from behind. Road was very well lit and I was clearly visible. There were lots of vehicle. I asked the driver "Dikhta nhi kya?"(Can't you see?) And he replied "Nahi dikhta"(can't see). Very arrogant and ignorant behavior. I left the place without arguing much. There are numerous incidents of rage by Auto- rickshaw drivers, Cab drivers and other vehicles who drives very irresponsibly.

Kaustove Pradeep Kaishyap at Bengaluru
on Jun 27 2019

A gentleman on a new Royal Enfield forgot to check his back for clearance before taking a u turn on a narrow road. I couldn’t avoid his front wheel and topple over. When I asked if he forgot to check his back, he said he did and didn’t see me!! I offered him first aid, he made a “meh” face and left. Well, I was left behind with a damaged front wheel, damaged fork and a small leg injury.

Summy Sumanth at Bengaluru
on May 10 2019

Was about to hit by a signal jumping cab near St.Johns circle... and cab driver's response 'Slow hogidu nin thappu' ! this is just one of the smallest incident. If I go on and write all the road rages I've been in, this section would be like my personal blog, seriously people should learn how to drive and respect and show concern cyclists , if not concern ,they should at least follow road rules.

Rohit Chandrashekhar at Bengaluru
on May 10 2019

Old airport road : near Manipal hospital, an Auto rickshaw cut me and took a left. Hit him hard and had a fall. Picked up my things and caught up with the auto that was trying hit and run. Driver claims that his auto didn even touch me. Sad that no pedestrian was Interested to help out when I was down on the street.

Rohit Chandrashekhar at Bengaluru
on May 10 2019

Jp Nagar 6th phase, near nandini Hotel : Road rage display by motorist (two wheeler) who thinks the roads are not for bicycles. Yelled at me to ride within the white line near the footpath. A small argument and a lot of rage

Shilpi Sahu at Electronic City
on Apr 02 2019

Hit by speeding cab, taking left turn at the dead end. I was taking right turn.

Shilpi Sahu
on Mar 19 2019

Hit by a speeding taxi. While taking a right turn at Ecoworld back gate towards Soul Kere. I was taking a right. And taxi was speeding and taking a left. Go figure, how rash the guy was riding. No damages, by a lucky chance.