Anchor partner - Bicycle Mayor, Bangalore

Sathya Sankaran, the Bicycle Mayor for the period 2018-2020, in collaboration with BYCS of the netherlands, is the driving force behind the #Cycletowork idea and platform. The platform tracks work commutes of people across the globe and helps quantify the impact Cycling is making in urban areas. The platform gamifies the rides and incentivises companies who participate. The platform provides tools and utilities that benefit riders and works with the ecosystem partners to create a vibrant cycling culture.

Anchor Partner - Mapunity, Bangalore

The #CycleToWork technology platform is an application developed by Mapunity, the Bangalore-based social technology lab. Mapunity creates instance-able solutions that can be quickly hosted by social innovators, communities, businesses and governments to tackle a range of problems in cities. Instancing hosted solutions in different cities keeps costs low and helps spread new ideas quickly, and in the process helps build a community of problem solvers with shared interests.

NGO Partner - CiFoS, Bangalore

CiFoS is Citizens for Sustainability, a non profit trust. CiFoS is a citizens group working transforming neighbourhoods for sustainability & better quality of life. CiFoS works on social change thru programs like cycle day, walk to school, waste segregation and other empathy building initiatives. CiFoS works on transforming urban infrastructure through sustainable design interventions, participatory planning, funding & maintenance best practices. CiFoS works on the following primary domains for intervention: Mobility, Safety, Environment, Health, Education. CiFoS is backed by technical arm called UrbanMorph, with urban planners and domain experts, which provides domain expertise & design capability. #Cycletowork is primarily driven by CiFoS to promote cycling as a means to tackle congestion, pollution and public health.

Solutions Partner - UrbanMorph Consulting

We are a team of change makers with 30 person years of experience in civic intervention and transforming urban spaces. We have worked on a range of civic interventions from social change, tactical urbanism, urban idea incubation to urban design. We have extensive experience in working with all pillars of society including government, market and civil society. Design, planning, strategising, policy, participatory planning, tactical urbanism, technology in governance and working with various government & non-government stakeholders is our forte. All planning, design, policy interventions around #Cycletowork is driven by UrbanMorph.

Solutions partner - WRI India

WRI India’s work focuses on building sustainable and liveable cities and working towards a low carbon economy. Through research, analysis, and recommendations, WRI India puts ideas into action to build transformative solutions to protect the earth, promote livelihoods, and enhance human well-being.

Academic Research Partner - Dr Ashish Verma, Transportation Engineering Lab, IISc Bangalore

Dr. Ashish Verma is a Ph.D. from IIT Bombay and currently serving as Associate Professor of Transportation Engg. at Dept. of Civil Engg., Centre for infrastructure, Sustainable Transportation, and Urban Planning (CiSTUP). His research interests are in; sustainable transportation planning, integrated public transport planning and management, modeling and optimization of transportation systems, travel behaviour, driver behaviour and road safety, intelligent transportation system (ITS), traffic management etc. He has authored more than 120 research publications in the area of sustainable transportation and road safety. #Cycle to work will be sharing data with Dr Verma and his group to enable academic research in active transportation as well as enabling research outcomes that will be useful in public policy.

Industry partners - iCycle

ICYCLE SOLUTIONS PVT. LTD., is a Bangalore based startup, catering to growing needs of urban cyclists. Under the brand name, the company offers unique cycling solutions. ICYCLE is the pioneer in bicycle fleet management with customized support system. It also organises rides and provides corporate bicycle rental solutions. Contact them at

Industry partners - Bums On The Saddle

BUMSONTHESADDLE is not just a place to get the best bicycles and service but to also connect with like-minded people, geek over bicycles and to immerse yourself in cycling. They conduct rides and knowledge sessions which provide value to the cycle buying experience. You can visit them at

Industry Partners - Procycle

ProCycle & Sports India Private Limited is a leading lifestyle bicycling company with interests in retail, distribution and media. The company is head quartered out of Bangalore and runs retail multi brand stores under brand name “ProCycle” and is the national distributor for the worlds leading folding bike “BROMPTON”. Their media arm Crank writes exclusively on cycling. They also have a fleet of bicycles which are available for rent. You can contact them at