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Stolen Bicycles
stolen on Oct 04, 2020
My Starkenn Axe 7500D got stolen from my building cellar, on 6th October. It was properly locked. Address - 3rd Main, Radha Reddy Layout, Doddakanneli, Sarjapura Main Road. Kindly let me know if anyone of you spot it.
stolen on Oct 10, 2020
Help please- One of my friend’s bike is stolen from his residence(banashankari first stage bank colony) today morning . The bike is Scott Subcross 40. Please contact 9880066596 or 9886513125 if anyone of you find it
Pavan Silla at Electronic City
stolen on May 01, 2020
I stay in a PG, Colive. Parked my bicycle (GIANT ESCAPE 3) in the building basement. Left to hometown because of lockdown in March and when I came back in Aug, my cycle is missing. Checked the video footage which they have for only a month and that didnt help.
Aravind.P at Bengaluru
stolen on Aug 16, 2020
The theif came into my house in night/early morning on August 16th 2020 and took the bicycle and went off. we kept our cycle in our compound, it is new 1 year old cycle buyed on 31/07/2019 - model Herculas Black fugutive No. DY18121668
Ashish John Thomas at Bengaluru
on Oct 04, 2020
The theif came into my gated Enclave, and walked into my house and took the bicycle and went off. As we working, none of us had realized immediately. The neighbors had seen him, and i got some CCTV footage as well. The cycle was a Giant Revel 1V. It had a lot of sentimental value as I've had it for over 10 years. This happened in bangalore.